Showing off new product at Con/Agg

ELKHART, IND. – NATION Tank & Trailer combines two well-established companies, Midwest Industrial Tanks and JRC Custom Trailers, to raise standards among industries that rely on innovative fuel tanks and custom equipment trailer solutions.

NATION will be a first-time exhibitor at the annual Con/Agg Expo in Las Vegas, March 7 – 11, and the company plans to make a big debut to launch the new brand as well as its new patent-pending product.

“NATION is prepared to make a lasting first impression at Con/Agg this year,” says Eric Overbey, President of NATION Tank & Trailer. “Industries served by tank and trailer manufacturers were not getting the attention they needed. They did not have a national supplier of ‘World Class’ UL Certified tanks and DOT certified trailers to serve them. With the acquisition of JRC, too, NATION can provide professional custom manufacturing to all types of OEMs that need tanks, a chassis, a pumping and or delivery systems.”

Products from Midwest Industrial Tanks are already trusted by some of the world’s largest companies. NATION Tank & Trailer expects tremendous growth in the construction and agriculture industries by delivering value, experience and innovation.

NATION Tank & Trailer’s display can be found at Booth #B9900 in the Bronze Lot during the Con/Agg Expo. NATION products and information can be found at

For additional information and questions, please contact Eric Overbey at 877-207-0230 or


NATION Tank & Trailer will make history at the Con/Agg Expo in Las Vegas this week when the company unveils a patent-pending product designed to exponentially impact the work flow of job sites around the country.

“We have many designs that solve the challenge of getting equipment to the job site with the fuel needed for as long as the work lasts,” according to Eric Overbey, President of NATION Tank & Trailer.

The powder coated TT240 can carry 10,200-pounds of operational load, bears fuel capacity of 240 gallons in a concealed tank and can pump 18 gallons per minute. And this is just the beginning, according to Overbey. “NATION can build single and multi-tank trailers with up to 1000 gallon capacities in custom equipment trailers of all kinds.”

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